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The game was ok, i too had difficultes in some levels due to the controls and overall felt that the game was poorly made.

Story wise, the plot was good but could have been done better. That is the problem with a lot of sonic games the story are sometimes badly written.

This has nothing to do with the game, but a jackass friend of mine is a huge sonic fan, he kept blaming the game being bad on Nintendo fans and Nintendo, saying that if sega did not make the game exclusive and try to cater to nintendo fans, then this game would not have been shit and played like rubbish. If the game was on sony it would have been good and played like generations.

God i really hate the guy, this is not the 1st sonic game that has been nintendo exclusive, it was sega trying to get mario galaxy sales, and he has the fucking balls to insult nintendo. this was the guy that kept saying 3ds would fail and vita was the 2nd coming of ps2, god i really hate the guy