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Nem said:

I'm of the opinion that not everything was bad with the controls and some things can be improved upon, but i also agree that Sonic needs to be rebooted in the style of Sonic 06. The game was full of bugs and nearly unplayable, but the way Sonic and friends were portrayed is the right way to bring Sonic back.

In short, they need to make Sonic more adult and cool again. There needs to be a storyline that makes you care and there needs to be graphics that make the game atractive. Heck, as far as i care they could just grab the engine used for Sonic 06 and develop a new game with that, minus the bugs and bad design of some levels and plus some of the good mechanics they made with Lost world.

Sadly, i do think this might be the end of Sonic, since the current Sonic Team is made of incompetent people who dont want to admit that Yuji Naka knew what he was doing. They dont want to lower themselves and admit that the path he took with Adventure was the path Sonic needs to go in. I think they will kill Sonic permanently and lose their jobs before they make the Sonic game the fans want and the franchise needs.

In a nuttshell, its not too different from what SEGA as a whole has become today.

In an ideal world, SEGA should hire Yuji Naka and Prope to assist in the development of the next Sonic game. That is the only realistic way he can be saved. Execs need to stop worrying so much about losing face and need to worry more about making a sucessful brand.

Didn't they try this with Shadow and 06's stories but fail miserably? Personally the childish approach doesn't feel like it would be that much of a deterrant. A serious Sonic storyline reminds me too much of the Sonic Archie comics and those are just filled to the brim with unnecessary and unmemorable characters.

I think the problem here lies with how do you make a new Sonic Adventure with functional controls. Lost World was quite clearly an experiment with the walk and run buttons and I feel for the most part they work but at the expense of an overall sense of speed the franchise is known for. The Sonic devs are really stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment for the inevitable next Sonic title.