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Finally finished Sonic Lost World for the Wii U. I know it launched a while ago but I took my time due to Pokemon X/Y and my XBONE coming in.

At first I was adamant the controls were just fine but the game is riddled with instances where it just flat out does not want to cooperate with the player. For instance, the game at times fails to obey its own rules and seems to forget Sonic is even in the game. Flowers that open when you jump on them harm you for no reason when trying to open them and boss fights that require auto attacks to be damaged are not highlighted by the auto attack prompt despite being in a state of vulnerability and you being nearby. I'm under the firm belief that this game was not extensively playtested. However when it works it is a joy to play and definitely not as awful as critics made it out to be, as the majority of critics' control issues seemed to stem from their own incompetence and weren't in the same category as my complaints with the game. 

Did anyone else experience any issues with the game or was it all smooth sailing for you?  Considering the sales and reviews of the game do you think this is the final nail in Sonic's coffin?