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30. Star Ocean Till the End of Time (42)

This is simply a great sci-fi/fantasy RPG. My favorite game from the Star Ocean series, it has an interesting mix of standard fantasy fare and sci-fi as you're dropped from the stars onto less developed planets.  This was the first game I played with an item creation mechanic and was always excited to see what new items I might be able to invent.  The battle system was close enough to what I was used to that having to keep track of character positioning didn't turn into to big of a deal.  I really loved the story, which presents a fantastical world view that one could only dream of being true (I'm admittedly a little weird in this respect).  In addition the battle trophies were my first introduction to any sort of achievement system and provided neat little challenges (beating a boss without taking damage on accident halfway through the game still confuses me).

Primarily an RPG player but have interest in any game that will make me think.