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31. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (24)

This was my introduction to the Final Fantasy Tactics series.  This game really shined because of the variety of classes available to use, and I don't think I even managed to use half of them on a regular basis.  The ability to build your own world map makes it so every game can be a little bit different and moving around becomes somewhat interesting.  Adding special characters to the cast provides extra incentive to try to complete as much of the missions as possible.  The law system forces you to use a little more than a basic set of allies for most of the game (until you get Cid later on) and can make what seemed like it would be an easy battle a bit harder.  There are plenty of missions to complete and items to obtain which mix together well to get somewhat of an open world feel to the game.  The variety in available moves provides a large number of viable strategies although high damage moves work a little too well at times.  Setting up your attacks so you don't hit your allies with a spell keeps the battles from becoming too clustered.  Overall the story keeps from getting too dull and offers a second ending for a more complete playthrough.

Primarily an RPG player but have interest in any game that will make me think.