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#30 - Final Fantasy IX (Kudos to Scoobes for guessing this)

Compared to most people on forums I go on these days, I don't really hold IX in such high regard as everyone else that it's the best game since VI, yada yada (in fact, quite the opposite).

However, FF IX is absolutely fantastic; and was the last Final Fantasy game I can genuinely say I enjoyed until XIII-2 came along.  While it does have some blemishes here and there (combat is unbelievably slow; story degrades into nonsense by the final act) it more than makes up for it in other areas.  Soundtrack is absolutely sublime, as per usual for the series in the 90's.  Story, for the most part, was really thrilling and all the characters (aside from Dagger, holy hell I hated Dagger) were brilliantly written and easy to empathise with (particularly Vivi).  The throwbacks to classic roles was brilliant; the world map was clever; side quests were enjoyable; bosses were challenging etc. etc.  Just had everything going for it.