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#33 - Wild ARMs 5 (Kudos to no-one for guessing this!)

Released long after the sixth generation had "ended" came arguably the best JRPG from that period (at least in my opinion).

Wild ARMs 5 was the culmination of 10 years of the series, and it showed.  The game threw every awesome feature from the past into one complete package that really is a must play for newcomers and fans alike.

The HEX battle system from 4 made a return but vastly refined; world maps were back and better than ever thanks to the search feature from 3; item-based dungeons, a series staple since the first game also came back (Dean's guns made for some very interesting uses in these).  Throw in some fantastic bosses and a killer soundtrack and you've got probably the most complete Wild ARMs package to date.

The one thing I will fault about the game, however, is the story.  A little all over the place, particularly the ending.

I so very wish we were seeing a Media.Vision developed Wild ARMs 6 in the future, but it seems like an impossible dream at this point.