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Vikki said:
Dark_Lord_2008 said:
Obamacare will fail because rednecks/low to middle income people in America commonly vote against popular measures that benefit them because they usually fall for the conservative media fear campaign. Some information and a conducting research into public health care in Europe and Canada will actually reveal that Universal Medicare is a good thing and its benefits far outweigh its costs.


Coming from a Brit, Americans confuse me. Like, I'll never understand how low income householes ever vote republican, the party that will make them even poorer.

Well, A, that's not actually always been the case....  Espeically at the state level.

and B.  Voting is more important than "What is it going to get me."

Things like personal beliefs and long term sustainability are more important.  Or SHOULD be.

The "what do i get" view of politics is why most polticial parties are so fucked up now.   Why we have so many economic busts and why they never are foward thinking.