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#34 - Ys Seven (Kudos to Michael-5 for guessing this)

Being honest, this may be a game I've rated slightly too high this year just because I recently finished it and so it's fresh in my memory.

But even so, Ys Seven is an absolute JRPG tour-de-force and I had a brilliant time playing it.  Combat is ridiculously fast paced and in particular fighting bosses is an absolute joy (a staple of the Ys series).  The extra variety added by being able to control characters like Aisha and Dogi is great.

There are some beautiful locations in the game as you'd expect, and plenty of exploration of towns and dungeons.  I particularly liked their method of handling world map where you can traverse the whole thing, and it is technically corridors but there's so much more exploring down different paths and the like to do.

Overall, I had a brilliant time with Ys Seven and would recommend it to anyone with access to a Vita or PSP.  You won't regret your time with it.

Oh, and the final boss was an absolute nightmare.  An enjoyable, bullet-hell esque nightmare.  Takes some serious skill to defeat.