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35. Metroid Fusion (27)

I forgot about this game the last time I made this list and didn't remember about it until the 3ds ambassador program popped up.  This turned out to be my favorite Metroid game for the environment you get to traverse.  Most of the items are different properties of beam weapons or types of movement.  All of these control very well and add variety to how you progress through areas and battle enemies.  The story is a good addition to the Metroid lore and fits in well with the choice of environment.  This game was more linear than Super Metroid but I felt like it was better for it.  The new suit, lost all your powers, deal is a little stale, but provides an excellent way to add in new items at a pace that works well for people learning how to play.

Primarily an RPG player but have interest in any game that will make me think.