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#36 - InFAMOUS (Kudos to Trucks for guessing this)

This was an impulse buy for me, but possibly one of the best I've ever made.  It was sitting on a shelf in CEX for a few quid and I picked it up, liked the artwork on the box and thought "why not".

25+ hours later after a good and evil playthrough I can safely say that that "why not" was an excellent choice.

InFAMOUS is just pure fun.  I loved faffing around with Cole and just doing stuff in Empire City was a blast.  Cole's powers were really fun to mess around with, and the sense of exploration I got from the game was just insane.  Scaling up the sides of buildings and grinding rails like no-one's business.

But inFAMOUS was full of heart, too.  I really, really enjoyed the "superhero origin" story.  And although certain characters really grated on me (STOP FUCKING MOANING TRISH), I enjoyed the journey from beginning to end.  Particularly the final boss.

Surprisingly good cinematic experience too.  Personally, I enjoy games that try to come across as interactive films, but some of them go way too hard on the "film" part and way too soft on the "interactive" part.  I actually feel like InFAMOUS was a bit of an interactive movie, except with the focus heavily on the interactive part which made it great.

Killer soundtrack too: