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35. Mario Kart Double Dash (41 last year), first impression 8, replay 8, technical 7.5

Pros: The game had much more refined controls and physics from Kart 64, including a revised drifting mechanic that still feels right at home (sans snaking, but i never discovered its existence while playing this game, fortunately). It dredged up some obscure Mario characters beautifully and invented others (namely Toadette) and had one of the most solid and memorable sets of new tracks, at least to me. The All-Cup mode.

Cons: Started out with only 3 cups (due to unlocking the Special Cup). The All-Cup mode, while a pro in general, led to some of the fiercest tantrums i've ever thrown regarding a video game since the Mario Kart stakes now play out over 16 courses (meaning you've wasted a lot of time if you falter up in the double-digits). Changed the blue shell for the worse, which wasn't rectified until Kart 7

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.