padib said:

Hey guys, my dad is getting into drawing on the computer. He saw my new wacom bamboo and was excited, because he loves to paint and draw.

I know that artists at Google use professional drawing screens to have the right precision in their drawings.

Right now, my dad wants a Microsoft Surface Pro. I agree with him, because he will be able to use it for his office work, and use it as a tablet to play games like Backgammon. But at the same time, would he be able to get a precise 24' touch screen that he can connect using mini Displayport which would allow him to connect his surface to it and draw well on it?

Thanks as always for the help.

If you bought a touch screen monitor, your arms will get tired as you would have to hold them up constantly.
Not only that but colour reproduction on touch screens isn't exactly accurate compared to the more professional grade IPS monitors from Dell.

Plus, touch screen monitors generally aren't pressure sensitive anymore, they work now by "capacitive touch" - Which is taking advantage of the Human Body's ability to conduct electricity.
Basically a Touch screen is not going to have the same levels of accuracy or fine grained sensitivity as a Wacom tablet. - For instance you can't apply half the pressure for a different brush stroke on capacitive.

As for the Surface Pro, hardware-wise it would probably be fantastic for your dad, I would personally opt for the ThinkPad Yoga instead though which comes with a Stylus.
Then you can see how well he plays with the touch screen and if he can work with it, then get an external larger touch monitor.

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