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#37 - Battle Arena Toshinden 3 (Kudos to Player2 for guessing this)

The original Battle Arena Toshinden is the first videogame I ever played, coming on the demo 1 disk that I got with my PS1.  Therefore I've always held the series pretty close to me, despite it being of questionable quality.

Fast forward to the third entry and Tamsoft had clearly hit their stride.  Fights were faster; character roster was massive; ring outs were replaced with walls which allowed you to juggle; arenas were interactive; you had more super moves and more moves in general.  I had a very enjoyable time on my first playthrough of Toshinden 3 and it's a game I return to pretty often.

They even went all out with a (terrible) CGI opening sequence rather than the live-action stuff they went with for the second game.  Which needs sharing as my signing-off video because it's just that bad.