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37. Virtue's Last Reward (NR)

This time-traveling visual novel room escape puzzle provides numerous interesting puzzles to work through from both logical and narrative standpoints. The room escape puzzles in particular are really well done and provide both a simple and slightly more complicated version to work through.  The complicated version is well worth it for the extra information it provides about your situation indirectly.  The story map and ability to move around it to different points at will is worked into the story well through the time-travel mechanics. Knowledge from multiple timelines is needed to find your way to the ending.  The way characters are split up makes it difficult to keep track of what some of your branching decisions mean but the prisoner's dilemma is a convenient psychological mechanism to make you think about what another person might do in the scenario. The ending left more loose ends than I would have cared for or this would probably be higher on my list.

Primarily an RPG player but have interest in any game that will make me think.