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38. .hack//Infection (28)

This is one of those cases where an anime blended into a game actually works because the anime was about a video game.  The computer terminal you access the game within a game from also provides forums and emails from other players, creating a wonderful and novel sense of atmosphere for the game.  The at times cryptic story and the ways in which you obtain more information as you travel keep you on edge throughout the course of the game.  The game does a wonderful job of giving you the MMO feel without the cost or the annoying part of their userbase.  As always with .hack, the music is wonderful as well.  The gameplay is your standard action RPG fare and there are plenty of quirky features spread throughout the game to add to the fun.  The bosses also make the drain mechanic more interesting which lends some depth to the combat.

Primarily an RPG player but have interest in any game that will make me think.