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d21lewis said:
Andrespetmonkey said:

I already went insane when Leo-J said Uncharted 2007 looked better than every Xbox 360 game ever released and backed up his claim with bullshots.  I'm not going through that again!  Now, while Uncharted 3, God of War 3, Tomb Raider, and a few others still look fantastic, they just dont have the resolution and textures and framerate that 3D World has.  You can't tell it from most screenshots but when you look closely at Mario, there's details you didn't notice.  Totally different art styles buy 3D World, and many 8th gen games I assume, are going to look worse in screenshots than running on hardware.  Meanwhile 7th gen games will look better than they actually are.

It all is a matter of opinion but, running on my TV with all consoles connected, I see the improvement.  Games like X will show this even more with their realistic art style. Right now, it's like we're comparing a Pixar movie to James Cameron's Avatar.

I was just posting these to make the point that PS4/One/Wii U games are going to look a lot better than what we've seen right now.

But yeah I sort of agree, the more stylised a game is the better it holds up, but I think that stops being true with games like Uncharted 3, Metro and even Resistance 3 to an extent because although those games are going for a more realistic look than say 3D world, they look just about good enough technically and are stylised enough through filters/colour distortion and whatever that they still look pretty compared to a heavily modded crysis or whatever Crysis 6 will look like. The games that are going for raw realism and don't have the attention to detail and artistry behind them like Uncharted 3 does (the environments in uncharted 3 are just insane, and still look beautiful after seeing this or even this) won't hold up as well... games like COD, Battlefield, Gran Turismo etc.