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Yeah in my humble opinion I'm really disappointed to be honest with you all. knack, killzone, forza and killer instinct (the four games I already own) doesn't stand out from a graphics point of view. Okay for me even Gears of War Judgment, uncharted, TLOU looks better than all those games, yes even better than killzone SF. And all those guys who were talking about the 50 percent raw power advantage to be honest I don't even see a 50 percent advantage over my PS3 and 360. But I pretty much enjoy playing knack and forza. Yes I still prefer Xbox over PS coz of the controller anatomy and the User Interface, and yeah I was a Xbox guy from the get go. A Sony guy could argue vice versa, which is fine for me.
But take a game like Killzone SF. It's clearly stands out as a problem game for this new gen (I don't have a Xbox One game so far to showcase this problem). I don't talking about the Game play, story, Trophies, Plot etc., just graphics. We have a very beautiful polished game here with KZSF, but the small graphic flaws every now and then you come along, especially facial animation and character design stand out pretty much in an all around pretty looking game and let it look silly at times. Maybe it's the problem when games with beautiful animated environment pretend to be reality. When I play a game like borderlands I don't have any problems coz I get used to its never changing graphic style and does not pretend to be reality so I stay in those experience and got not thrown out many times when some NPC is trying to trick my brain. I don't come along those problems with a racing game (wait forza horizon has the same problem) because racers don't have to make facial animation. Knack doesn't look silly as well (game is a bit silly itself) and those Zelda windwalker HD remake let me be eager for WiiU the first time ever since coz they don't pretend to be extreme realistic. Maybe it's part of the Master Chief success, hiding behind a helmet.