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... This thread makes me facepalm... You wanna compare the differences between the SNES and the N64? or to the Gamecube? Those are HUGE differences. The difference you're showing me is "the rubble is a little more detailed and the guns are a little shinier."

I'm more concerned with the half a dozen game developers who went out of business just trying to make games for the PS3... If it's not a super hit, they were lucky to break even on that system. Now its even more extreme? Are you shitting me!!! For what?

I actually like the graphics on old games. Some things look better with low resolution graphics and are easier to play because of it. Some indie developers have caught onto this and are making their games in low definition 2D now because they figured it out.

You know that to match up to these standards most developers are cutting down on the feature lists and game lengths because of this? They think "Hey doesn't matter if the game is as shallow as Pong, just as long as its in WICKED HD 1080P."

Bringing everything into perfect realism isn't the answer. Some games it works on, most games should stay the hell away from it.