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40. Yoshi's Story (37 last year), first impression 6, replayability 10, Technical 7.5

Pros: Replay value, far and away. Secrets to find, like the elusive orange yoshi (perhaps mere rumor, requiring one to get all the coins, many of which were highly obscure), Black and White Yoshis, 24 stages that you could chain in as many combos as you wished (though some of those big hearts were mega-tough to find). The game was more exploration focused, and the bosses were surprisingly fun for a game that is often accused of being too easy.

Cons: It took me a while to understand this game when i first bought it (the first Christmas after i got into gaming), so the game loses *big* on first impression. It wasn't for a long time until the game clicked with me. Some stages are too easy, some are too damn hard (Lift Castle, Piranha Grove, Blarg's Boiler, the aptly-named Frustration).

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.