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#41 - Animal Crossing (Kudos to Smeags for guessing this)

Gamecube was a console full of surprises for me and this was yet another game that vastly exceeded any expectations I had for it.  For a game made up of doing mundane tasks, it sure was thrilling for the whole time I played it.

I think what made it so endearing was the other villagers.  I loved just logging in every day and going to talk to Olivia or Tutu or whoever else it was who had just moved into my village.  All the tasks, although mundane, were just relaxing and theraputic.  Although the looming goal of paying off your mortgage was very real, I never felt like I "had" to do anything in this game.  I could just mull around and enjoy everything to my hearts content.

I'm very glad Nintendo made this game; and I'm very glad that they ported it to the Gamecube so I could play it.  It's a shame that I have such an issue with the sequels taking barely any steps forward from the original.  Although I realise I am pretty much alone in this statement, my time in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: Let's go to the City was fleeting merely because I felt like I'd already seen everything the first time around.

Still, it introduced me to one of my favourite videogame characters ever :P

I love you, Animal Crossing: