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#43 - Jumping Flash! (Kudos to F0X for guessing this)

A game close to my heart for so many reasons, but not least because it was the first videogame I actually bought.  I tell this story every time but... coming home from school one day, I find my dad playing the PS1 in my front room.  Came with a demo disk loaded with titles but the first one he was playing was this.  I was immediately hooked, finished the demo like 20 times and then we went out to buy the game that weekend.

I won't beat around the bush - Jumping Flash! is dated; it's short; story is silly and there's so much else objectively wrong with it.  And yet it's so playable, even to this day I genuinely believe you could pick it up; blast through it and have a brilliant time with it.

Filled to the brim with creative design; adorable enemies; cool stuff to do and a fantastic sense of scale (seriously, you can reach some massive heights in this game looking down on the world below).  It's kind of a shame that Mario became the genre norm, really.  Although I love that style of 3D platformer, I believe a first-person affair like Jumping Flash! could sit alongside them perfectly.

Of all the IP's Sony could revive, I think this one would actually make it to the top of my list.  A £15 downloadable updated version of this would be an insta-play for me.