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Wipeout HD (43)

This game is a wonderful high speed arcade racer with loads of variety. The lower speeds aren't all that incredible, but when you speed up to rapier and then phantom, this game starts to require incredibly quick decision making and good planning for success.  The campaign does a good job mixing in modes, and despite a few mistakes making time trials and speed laps too easy compared to the races, does a good job of gradually ramping up the difficulty.  The graphics are great and the game modes add a bunch of variety not seen in other arcade racers.  In particular, zone mode lets you go beyond the difficulty provided by the set speeds until you eventually lose out to how fast you're going.  One day I hope to manage Zone Zeus but for now I'll settle for getting Airbreaker. The main downside is occasionally some of the events seem to involve a fair bit of luck to win.

Primarily an RPG player but have interest in any game that will make me think.