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#43 - Summoner 2 (Kudos to Carl for guessing this)

One of the more obscure games on my list.  Picked up in HMV as part of a 2 for £20 deal with... another RPG on my list that I won't spoil for now.  Summoner 2 actually turned out to be the bigger surprise.

Playing as the Goddess Lahara reborn, you have to fulfil your destiny and heal the tree of Eleh.  Typical high-fantasy RPG stuff, really (and I hadn't even played the first Summoner game for any reference, really).

I can't particularly describe what made this game great.  It just worked so damn well.  Combat was a fast, fluid action-RPG style; you could mix things up at any time by switching characters on the fly (and each character controlled vastly differently), or if you were tired of all the characters you could switch to Maia and change into one of her summons.  The story, although a little convoluted at times, was enjoyable from beginning to end.  The graphics were again nothing special, but there was some beautiful artwork in there and genuinely creative bosses and areas.

And it was challenging.  And just the right length for a game.  And of such good quality that I returned straight away to replay from the beginning.

If you're a fan of any action-RPG's; any loot heavy Diablo clones or even just a run-of-the-mill JRPG fan like me, I'd recommend playing this game.  It's also out for Gamecube so you can play it on your Wii (although I'd recommend the PS2 version) and it's just a whole lot of fun.