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48. Guild Wars 2 (39)

The first MMO on my list; there were a number of areas that this particular game stood out to me (and not requiring a subscription helps).  For one, I preferred running into other players instead of being annoyed that I did not get to play through the quests as a single player experience.  Other players are usually helpful and almost never prevent you from getting anything.  The exploration was also some of the best I have experienced.  My favorite thing to do in this game was try to figure out how to get to the vistas and complete the various jumping puzzles.  The different stories available also make me want to play with more than one character, which is a rarity.  A lot of the tedium from other similar games is non-existent with how quests are managed and that's a refreshing change of pace. The post release content additions include whole new game modes keep fresh areas to explore coming at a steady clip.

Primarily an RPG player but have interest in any game that will make me think.