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#48 - Tekken Tag Tournament (Kudos to BasilZero for guessing this)

TTT didn't take huge leaps and bounds to move the series forward after the juggernaut that was Tekken 3.  It didn't need to.  What it did do was provide the most smooth, streamlined and utterly enjoyable fighting game I'd played to that date.

Instead of moving the storyline forward; it just threw all my favourite characters over the past 5 years together in one tournament.  Getting to play as Jun again was a blast.  Tag-teaming Jun and Nina was even cooler.  Tag-team bowling Jun and Nina was the icing on the cake.

I'm not sure the series ever got better than this.  It got different than this, and improved in various areas but took steps back in others.  I've yet to play Tekken Tag 2, but I don't see any way it can match up to the tour-de-force that was the original.

Oh, and it has one of the best Tekken songs ever, too: