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48. Okami (last year 45), First Impression: 8.5, Replay 6.5, technical value 7.

Pros: A breathtaking world both artistically and in terms of creating lovable characters, it creates its own spin on Shinto myth and does it wonderfully, implementing unique paintbrush abilities allowing you to solve the worlds problems. The ending deserves mention as well, with Issun's plea to the people being one of the most heartfelt moments i've ever experienced in a game.

Cons: I would say the game is too long, which is the sole reason i've never replayed it (hurting its score in that area). On the "technical" side, the game is heavily hindered by the fact that, like No More Heroes below it on the list (though with the same score), non-boss combat is very tedious.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.