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Strikers 1945 II (48)

I sunk more quarters into this game than I could keep track of.  The game is a very enjoyable vertically scrolling bullet hell game based upon a fantasy take on World War 2 where the enemy has giant mechs in addition to the usual tanks and planes.  The choice of different planes allowed for different defensive skills and bullet patterns, which added variety to the strategy (my favorite was definitely the flying pancacke).  As with most games in the genre, the fine line between being able to dodge and dying while you still had defensive ammo led to much regret and excitement. Additionally, the randomization of the level order kept you from getting stuck on one particular area and let you experience all the bosses the game had to offer.  This isn't the hardest game in the bullet hell genre by any means, but the more accessible difficulty and my experience getting to play it in an arcade instead of with a controller lets it edge out brethren like Touhou.  Chasing high scores with friends used to eat up the better part of an afternoon for us.

Primarily an RPG player but have interest in any game that will make me think.