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#49 - SSX Tricky (Kudos to Soulfly666 for guessing this)

SSX Tricky took an extremely solid foundation from 2001's SSX and just ran with it.  Ran absolutely crazy with it.  Ran with a bucket of neon-coloured fireworks with it.  Everything that had made that first game so great - the solid controls; the well-designed courses; the insane tricks; were just amplified to the extreme in this awesome sequel.

It was everything I wanted.  Suddenly tracks were custom built theme parks where you could ride in the sky and grind rails indefinitely.  Tricks became these ridiculous feats of strength achieved while getting ridiculous air.  The cast of characters was one of the most memorable you'll come across - and this was a goddamn snowboarding game! 

SSX Tricky definitely laid the foundation for the series (which went on to become one of my favourite of all time) and was a masterclass in design of how to take a solid foundation and make an unforgettable sequel.

Oh, and Tokyo Megaplex is one of the best tracks of all time: