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It been 16 YEARS ( closing to 17 years ) since the original FF VII been released and it has been deem to be one of the masterpiece of RPG of all time and were known to many people to those who are a fan of RPG genre or even those who didn't even play FF VII yet. It is also heavily critical acclaimed by critics and it won numerous awards + it one of the best FF of all time. 

However after the released of FFX ( which is known to be the last good FF games ) and their old companies which is Square Soft already died off and merge into Square Enix,the whole franchise had gone downhill. I play FF from VII until X and stopped buying any FF game after X since XI TO XIV is just simply garbage. 

Also it seemed i am the only person who is not hyped about FFXV since it doesn't look anything like a FF game i remember and loved + the combat system just taken off from Kingdom Hearts. FFXV should have been called Final Hearts : Kingdom Reborn or whatever the name it is. Sadly nowaday there is only a few good rpg games that it still being released which is the Tales Series and we got garbage like Atelier and Hyperdimension ( no offence to those who like that game but it seemed to me like those both game does nothing innovative and lure people with female wearing skimpy and unappropriate outfit which left me an impression that is another generic RPG games )

Last year Square Enix did say they wanted to do a remake of FFVII. However if they do a remake of FFVII,they said it will be the end of the FF franchise. Like we give a crap Sqaure Enix ? They have been butchering the franchise after FFX and i have no intention of playing FFXII,FFXIII and that generic MMORPG which is FFXI and FFXIV that we see in a billion times. They also listed one condition in order for them to remake FFVII,one of their FF games need to surpasses FFVII ( in terms of quality and sales ) 

Will FFXV be the next FF game to surpasses FFVII or it will just ended up being a garbage FF game like FF XIII ? What do you guys thinks ?