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Slimebeast said:
I wish I could participate but I have 2 problems:

I don't have much time to really make a serious top 50 that represents all my gaming history.

I doubt nobody even reads these lists or cares very much, I feel like I'm far too insignificant as a member for anyone to really care what my top 50 games are.

I'll admit that my caring about the whole list for each user is fairly limited (and by each user, i mean everyone who's not me, i'm not really picking and choosing there), but every contribution helps create a sitewide top 200 between all the contributions, which i find *incredibly* fascinating, so the more the merrier (and as Smeags said, you are certainly a poster of notice anyway. Veteran, regular poster, one-time Microsoft devotee. Different perspective)

The guessing games have been fun too, historically, and have caught my interest. I was going to skip doing hints this year, but since i've rebuilt my list and thus have a fair number of new games, it should be worthwhile.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.