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Well the thread title says it all. What if the PS4 for some random reason, it loses all of it's momentum, starts selling badly and Sony decides to go out of the console race and start making his first party studios on other consoles? I'm not saying it's doomed because it isn't, I'm just entertaining the thought.

That would leave us with Microsoft, Nintendo and Valve right? Would you switch? Where would Sony first party go? 

I also have a curious question! Most console generations there where 2 or 3 big competitors, so this gen there will be 4. Is it likely that one of the big 3 drop out of the console race? You also have to take into account that the Steam Machines will be the fourth competitor! So there will be 4, will the market be able to hold 4 consoles?

Personally I don't think Sony would die this gen but it could happen I mean anything can happen! I think it's first party will go to Steam or something like that, I'm just guessing! I wouldn't like it though. I have most of their consoles and played them a lot!

What's your opinion? (Please don't tell me it can't happen, I'm just being hypothetical xD)

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