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I don't want to start any flamewars here, so i'll just post my opinion:

Seeing all the Forza 5 videos, I can't begin to comprehend how some people are saying that GT6 looks on par with it, I just can't. I'm a massive GT fan as most of you know, but Forza 5 seems to be taking the racing genre (at least on consoles) a step further.

There are just so many details that puts it above, both graphically and visually anything than GT6 has shown (which is obvious, were talking about a whole new generation) and I don't doubt for a single second that in the gameplay department were going to see innovations that can't be achieved with the PS3/360 technology.

It's a major shame that the X1 won't be released this year on my country. I would seriously consider buying it as I thoroughly enjoyed Forza 3 (one of my favourite games when I had my 360) and would love to try Forza 5

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