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"It's like finding out porn about your own daughter". Says Ken Levine, maker and designer of the Bioshock franchise.




Ken Levine hates everytime he logs in DeviantArt. He starts watching some design and draws from its users and then, blam! he finds some pornographic picture depicting Elizabeth, which makes Ken pretty sad and "die a bit on the inside". Because of that, he implores that whoever is shaping up their most perverse fantasies with his "daughter", please, stop this madness.

"No, seriously, however is making all that porn of Elizabeth in DeviantArt, please, stop. You're killing me on the inside." Has stated Levine to the Reddit users when someone asked about the contents of the next Bioshock Infinite DLC, something on which the designer also commented (not without a huge sense of irony): "It will have porn. Tons and tons of porn."


Levine wants us to understand how he feels whenever he sees his creation showing her "beauty" on the screen. "It's like finding out pictures of your daughter. Whenever I see something like that, I died a bit on the inside." So you see guys, Levine wants those deviants to search for another object to project their lust. What Kevin did not expect was that some of the users started to attach some of <those> pictures, just to light up the conversation. You know, for educational purposes. We hope Ken survived!