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mai said:
impertinence said:
mai said:

^The tank from your picture is wild in its natural habitat, while those machines are tamed and trained. Well-behaved tanks do not do such unmannered things and do not bother us on streets, not even a little bit.

But what kind of tank is it? Terrible picture, looks like it could be a T-64? 

Given there're very few T-64s left in service. AFAIK only marines have around 300 of them, while the rest 2000 are canned. I doubt that very much. Looks like some T-90 modification.

See, he was polite enough to wait for green light before crossing the road. Not that anyone would have object if he didn't :D

Yeah, I didn't notice the time stamp so that definietly points to a t-90 of course, but it still doesn't look much like a t-90 to me. The turrent looks like it's sittign too high and cuts off too sharply in the back to look like a t-90. Of course, the image quality is soo poor there's not telling what modifications are done for the heavy machine gun mount and how that has influenced the prifile. It does look like a modern t-90 NSV mount though, for sure. 

I nominate a happy medium, a T-80. 

There is no doubt my abilities in identifying Russian and Soviet military equipment has deteriorated greately in the past two decades. Do you happen to know of any good resorces for military equipment identification? I would like to brush up on some old skills.