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i don't think it is going to be an immediate run away hit but i think it could evolve into something amazing.

1) free OS. as things shift even further to internet services and advanced OS like windows is less and less needed. free (legally free) is a great number that will draw a lot of people and manufacturers in just like android did.

2) gaming optimized. yes, PC gamers use their rigs for more than just games but games is their top priority. and slim optimized OS that gives PC gamers more performance out of their expensive investments will be mighty tempting.

3) open. open platforms are better than closed platforms for innovation. as time marches on more and more developers could be drawn into this platform or other open platforms. i know a lot of developers are really upset with window's direction right now and are finding innovative ways to cut their dependance on MS. my company is investing over a billion dollars this year to eliminate MS dependencies from our platforms.