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soulfly666 said:

Right now? No they aren't. It's not necessarily anyone's fault though. Gaming is reaching an age where there have been so many thousands of games made, new releases are mostly just repeats of prior ideas. You aren't ever going to be able to re-create the feeling you had when you played Super Mario Brothers 3, Doom, Quake, Duck Hunt, SM64 etc....when they were new.

Also we are in a current wave of game releases being all about dev's and pub's wanting to be rich and not caring nearly as much about release quality. That also will pass though. What I think is going to happen is technology is going to cause a revolution in gaming and the freshness will be restored. Possibly Virtual reality or something of that nature.

It will be very very interesting to see what comes from John Carmack's move to his new job as Head of Technology with Oculus Rift. He is a visionary genius, (no pun intended) and the Rift seems to have lots of potential to reinvigorate gaming. For someone who has given more to the gaming industry than most everyone else, I wouldn't be surprised if he breaks new barriers again.

One thing I forgot to say in my post...I like Handheld games nowadays overall (3ds, Vita) A LOT more than older handheld systems' games.  I like a lot of Independent games and like the whole movement for that a lot too.  My statement quoted above was mainly about AAA console and PC releases.