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llewdebkram said:
I think it depends on your age.
I'm 43 and have been around since the begininig of video games.
To me the 80s was a very exciting time for video games because things were being done that had never been dopne before; 2/4 players at once, trackerballs and guns you could hold, gameplay that had never been seen before, new characters in completely new games and machines you could sit in, like a real car, spacecraft etc.
These days it's the same games (with an additional 1 added to the title or a subtitle), same gameplay and same characters repeated again and again and again...
I feel I've seen and played them all before.
It's not that they are not as good as they used to be, to me it's they are just not as original as they used to be.

Yeah there aint very many original titles these days, Its all been done before. Thats why I seldom get the thrills I used to get or if I do they dont last very long.