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kljesta64 said:

1990 : arcade game cant rembember the name you fly with an airplaine and kill dinosaurs (also my first game ever)

1991 : Super Mario Bros. 3

1992 : nothing 

1993 : nothing

1994 : nothing 

1995 : nothing

1996 : nothing

1997 : Super Mario 64

1998 : Zelda OOT , Turok 2 SoE

1999 : nothing

2000 : PS2 TTG,RR V

2001 : nothing

2002 : nothing

2003 : Metroid Prime

2004 : nothing

2005 : nothing

2006 : nothing

2007 : Super Mario Galaxy

2008 : nothing

2009 : nothing

2010 : nothing

2011 : nothing

2012 : nothing

2013 : pending...

About your first arcade game.. it may be one of my most favorite games ever LOL... I believe it MIGHT be this game....

Also... part 2 was another level of awesome..

Also.... on topic.... I think games feel not as great as past games for 2 reasons, easily.

1. When we were kids... comon we were more excited about fun in general and video games are fun. Also, we were more easily impressed.... MULTIPLY that with....

2. Back then... GENRES were being born and everything was so fresh and new when it came to story, game mechanics and originality. I remember Street Fighter 2 in the laundry places.. LINES WERE BEING FORMED just to play an arcade game and I gladly waited in those lines. Street fighter 2 was "basically" (not really but yeah) the birth of the fighting genre. There were days when all I thought about was Street Fighter 2. It was like nothing I've ever seen. Then it was just how everything just kept getting better and better... mario 1... you run and jump... mario 2.. more life points, pick up things.. mario 3.. more power ups, flying?  mario 4 (super mario world) YOSHI!? That's pretty much how it went... gaming exponentially got better and better... and we even hit 3D in those years... think about it.. its something like playing online flash games and moving into Gears of War... It was shockingly awesome.

So yeah.. that's what I think yo... :3

Also, Jesus loved you enough to die for you... just saying. :D


All gaming systems, consoles/PC, have thier perks... why fight over preferences? I like Coke and you like Pepsi, that's it, let's not fight over which toy we like best cause that's what they are. Is someone's preference in a toy important or is the relationship between you and your neighbor more important? Answer is obvious, but THE most important thing is your relationship with God almighty. God Bless you in Jesus's name.

I can communicate without talking... I can send a loved one money without actually sending money... and I can commit theft without the product disappearing, the point of theft is the point of theft not one of it's possible symptoms which is the product dissappearing. The thief wants to gain something without paying for it, that's the point of theft, the thief doesn't have to care or anybody else has to care if the product dissappears. The product dissappearing is just a possible symptom of theft. Gifts are sacrfices, in order to give a gift, it has to be a genuine sacrfice/gift, meaning a copy of the game isn't still in your PC. Piracy is theft and/or being a culprit of theft.