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Indie dev.  That which doesn't actually mean indie dev.  

On this list you have actual indie devs like Arc System Works.  A developer who is actually independent and requires no funding from partner companies.  Then  you have people called indie devs that really aren't indie devs, like Klei Entertainment, who required funding and are really called indie devs just because they're newly created somewhat unknown unknown, fairly low budget developers.

PigPen said:
Microsoft is spending capital a billion dollars on exclusives and Sony is chasing indies. I can't decide what's the better deal.

If you ask me, Sony is fucking stupid.  They're late to the party, yet they act like they're first.  Indie, indie, indie, is all I've been hearing from them.  Please stfu Sony.  It doesn't matter how many indie titles you have on your console, they won't magically create retail titles for store shelves.  It clearly worked for the Vita pushing indie after indie didn't it?