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Kaizar said:

September 14 2013









Lets not forget that there are over 100 3D Movies premiering in Theaters in 2014 (only 52 weeks, LOL)

3D TV's have always sold better then HD TVs during same point in life spam, and continue to increase in year-on-year sales as well.

Can we just admit that the easy majority of consumers want 3D? when we have had less then 5% of movies have a 3D screening when 100% of movies have a 2D screenings, and the 3D screenings by themselves make up around 50% of box office totals each year.

Less so a 3D device, more-so a device for parents to keep their kid's mouths quiet. lol (not even trolling)

All of this, of course, is just my opinion.

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