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Mike_L said:

Despite differences in appearance and specs the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are quite similar. However, there is one area where this is not the case. From having released their games for the Xbox 360, at least 19 notable indie developers now develop, favor or are exclusive for PlayStation 4 meaning their games won’t be available on Xbox One.

For some indie developers it is because of bad experiences from a previous collaboration with Microsoft, but generally it seems like the PlayStation 4 is the platform that these developers prefer to see their games on. Could it be because of Sony's respect for indies made clear by Santa Monica's collaboration with The Chinese Room (Dear Esther, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs) on Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and Naughty Dog's praise of indie developers especially for their creation of characters.

17-BIT: Skulls of the Shogun on Xbox360 - Galak-Z exclusive for PS4 (says: Microsoft are not a decent publisher)
Arc System Works: Guilty Gear 2: Overture on Xbox 360 - Guilty Gear Xrd exclusive for PS4
Double Fine Productions: Iron Brigade on Xbox 360 - The Playroom DLC exclusive for PS4
Grasshopper Manufacture: Diabolical Pitch on Xbox 360 - Lily Bergamo exclusive for PS4
Iron Galaxy Studios: Wreckateer on Xbox 360 - Divekick exclusive for PS4
Klei Entertainment: Mark of the Ninja on Xbox360 - Don't Starve exclusive for PS4
Metanet Software: N+ on Xbox 360 - N++ exclusive for PS4
Mojang: Minecraft on Xbox 360 - Minecraft NextGen first for PS4
Number None: Braid on Xbox360 - The Witness exclusive for PS4 (says: Xbox One not about gaming)
Oddworld Inhabitants: Oddworld MO and SW on Xbox - New N' Tasty! exclusive for PS4
Playdead: Limbo on Xbox360 - Project 2 for PS4 (says: regret that Limbo wasn’t multiplatform from the start)
Polytron: Fez on Xbox360 - Fez for PS4 (says: will never work with Microsoft again)
Red Barrels Games: Gathering of developers behind games such as Splinter Cell: Conviction on Xbox 360 - Outlast exclusive for PS4
RedLynx: Trials on Xbox360 - Trials Fusion for PS4
Supergiant Games: Bastion on Xbox360 - Transistor exclusive for PS4
Team Meat: Super Meat Boy on Xbox360 - The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth by Edmund McMillen exclusive for PS4 (says: will never work with Microsoft again)
Tequila Works: Deadlight on Xbox 360 - Rime exclusive for PS4
Tribute Games: Wizorb on Xbox 360 - Mercenary Kings exclusive for PS4
Vblank Entertainment: Retro City Rampage - satisfied with the exposure on the PS3 and want to develop for the PS4 (says: Xbox 360-version was the most expensive, a bottleneck, damaged overall PR and hindered other platform's success)

Err.. how did most of these guys "favor" Xbox 360?

17-BIT is releasing Galak-Z on Microsoft Windows. It is making it's console debut on PS4. It will come to Xbone eventually.
Arc System Works is not an indie developer. They release arcade titles and retail titles on all sorts of platforms. And they didn't "favor" the 360 last gen. They did have an exclusive 360 game, but they also had exclusive games for Sony and Nintendo platforms.
Double Fine Productions is making DLC for a PS4 game. They are also making some Microsoft Windows games and mobile games. And you forgot a couple of Kinect games they made last gen that were 360 exclusive and were quite good. Sony is paying a good developer here who will surely provide them some good content if their history is any indication. But this is an example of them "favoring" nothing but a cash flow.
Grasshopper Manufacure is another big reach to fill the thread with developers who "favored" the Xbox 360. They made one cheap Kinect baseball game for the 360. They also released a few games on PS3, and had like 3-4 Wii exclusive retail games. If anything, they favored the Wii.
Iron Galaxy Studios is another strange inclusion made even stranger by listing Divekick. You do know you can buy this game right now on PS3, right? This developer "favored" the 360 by releasing a Kinect game last gen, but didn't favor PS3 even though it got a release that the 360 didn't get, only a month or so ago. Ooook.
Klei Entertainment released one game on 360 last gen that saw no PS3 release, but also released a few multiplatform games. This is probably the closest example of a developer who "favored" the 360 last gen and even it is pretty weak. Don't Starve is coming to PS4 but it's also a PS+ game, meaning Sony gave them a sizable chunk of cash. To me this is the same reason Mark of the Ninja released only on Xbox 360 in terms of consoles: cash. Has nothing to do with favoritism. They are a company who releases MP games. MS published a game last gen and kept it off competing platforms for a year and assumedly Sony platforms indefinitely. Sony is paying them to port a game you can already buy to PS4 to be part of PS+.
Metanet Software published N+ on 360. It was also released on PSP and the DS. So one MS platform, one Sony platform, and one Nintendo platform. "Favored" the 360. I guess. Also, N++ platforms have not been revealed yet, but it is part of the Sony fund type thing like EA has with EA Partners. Gotta stay tuned to see what happens with this game.
Number None "favored" the money MS sent to make Braid a 1 year 360 exclusive on consoles, not the console itself. Now they "favor" the Sony consoles. I wonder why.
Oddworld being included is the biggest lulz on the list. They had issues with games and XBLA restrictions and did their HD re-releases ever even release on XBLA? If anything, in terms of consoles they "favored" the PS3 last gen. Also, New N Tasty is coming to WiiU as well. It's not a PS4 exclusive.
Playdead released Limbo and Project 2 is coming to Xbox 360 last I heard. And this is another example where the only thing the developer "favored" was cash.
Polytron didn't favor the 360 at all. Fish hates XBLA but needed money. He's canceled Fez 2 and is going to get out of gaming. Doesn't sound like he favors any console.
Red Barrels is cool I guess. I can buy Outlast right now if I want it, but how did they favor the 360 last gen?
RedLynx coming to PS4 is a result of nothing more than Ubisoft purchasing them. There is no "favor" factor here either way. MS published the first two Trials console games, they later released on PC. Now Ubisoft owns them and they don't need to sign exclusive publisher deals anymore. The game is also coming to Xbox One. So how do they "favor" PS4?
Supergiant Games released Bastion for virtually every platform except Playstation this gen. Does this show they "favor" the 360, or maybe just have that much apprehension about developing for the Playstation 3?
Team Meat did say they would never work with MS again. Well, half of Team Meat did. Actually he said he doesn't think they will. The other half said he would. The half that said he might not, is now making a game showing up on PC, PS4, and PSV. But it's not Team Meat. It's one guy from Team Meat.
Tequila Works is another developer who was given money and publishing deal by one company this gen and the other next gen. They favored money last gen, not 360. And they favor money this gen, not PS4.
Tribute Games released Wizorb on the XBLIG market and also on the PS Minis market. So it was available on both consoles. Their was no favoritism here.
VBlank released Retro City on all platforms, and it was even PS+ on PS3. It even released on PS+ before XBLA IIRC. How did they "favor" the 360 last gen?

Pretty weak list of favoritism here. Most of these are teams who just work for whoever pays them. And something to keep in mind about most of the others, is that it wasn't long ago that MS changed their policy regarding self publishing. That makes a world of difference to most of these other guys.