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Azerth said:
Except most of those were before ms allowed self publishing. chances are when there exclusive deal with Sony is done you'll see those games on PC and the x1

perhaps, but they will be really late.  MS announced every xbone is a dev kit but they also announced it won't be ready at launch.  MS announced they will now allow self-publishing but a couple indie devs said MS still hasn't communicated an actual policy or pathway for them to do so.   regardless, even since MS made their announcement there have been a dozen or so indie games announced for playstation and not announced for xbox.

..and i really don't believe that sony has exclusivity deals with each of the 56 indie exclusives currently announced.  certainly a few like the witness but not all 56 currently announced games.  indies just prefer playstation right now.

and i'm not going to say indie games are the most important ever but as it stands now playstations announced 3rd party line-up is twice the size as xbox's and it's almost entirely indie exclusives.  playstation is going to have a decently well rounded library its first year and xbox's line up is really only a bit better then wiiU's at this point.  that's going to, imo, do a lot for playstation.   people tend to buy the console their friends have and playstation is going to get a sizable lead on xbox due to all these exclusive (or timed exclusive) games.


@OP - "Mojang: Minecraft on Xbox 360 - Minecraft NextGen first for PS4"    that's a stretch..