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WOW! The PS4 is getting exclusive DLC for an indie title!!!! I think I will get a second job so I an afford to buy the PS4!!!!!!

Is that the reaction that is implied by the listing and content of the OP? It would seem that way. Sony has an obvious drought of AAA content shortly after launch. M$ did the same thing later in the 360's life. The biggest difference you will see is that most of these "indies" jumped on the PS4 bandwagon when M$ was making it hard to publish and M$ had a terrible reveal. Didn't hurt that Sony probably threw a little $$$ their way to have some level of exclusivity. Now that M$ changed their publishing policies, within 6 months, most of this will be old news. WAY TOO EASY for them to port to XB1 to not do it.

Indie titles are nice to have for filler, and sometimes they turn out to be awesome games. But, they are not the reason to go take a second job to buy a gaming system.