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PigPen said:
Xenostar said:
PigPen said:
Microsoft is spending capital a billion dollars on exclusives and Sony is chasing indies. I can't decide what's the better deal.

With all sonys first party studios i expect there easily spending a billion on exclusives, as well as getting all the indies. 

That's not true cause Sony will tell us.  Sony holds nothing back from the public.  I will like to hear what these games are.  Sony don't have that type of money to do what Microsoft said, that's why they said it.

So what are Sonys 20+ Teams running on then cookies? 

Sony have said every single one of its studios are working on PS4 titles yet only 4 have been announced, Big money is clearly being spent, theres just no point having all the studios announce at the same time trying to over shadow each other when there all on the same team. Let the launch titles have there time in the lime light bring the money in then show the next set that are coming.