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This thread is a sequel to my Halo: CE vs. Metroid Prime thread from last week.

The idea here is to compare two games from the same time period that share some things in common, whether mechanically or storywise or whatever.

This week's match-up is Super Mario World and Sonic the Hedgehog, two games that sold their respective systems in the early 90s.

Why compare these two games? Well, in North America, they arrived within two months of each other. They each star what would become (or already was) a mascot for Nintendo and Sega, respectively. They were both bundled with systems at some point, and they both belong to the platform genre, although Mario is a slower-paced and longer game and Sonic is fast-paced but relatively short.

So what's your favorite?

P.S. Please obscure any spoilers with the spoiler_text style.