Nintendo could always redesign the GamePad. Make it slimmer, thinner, lighter, sleeker, etc.

But I really don't see how that would suddenly make the Wii U desirable in the eyes of the general consumer as nothing short of a breakthrough title like Wii Fit will do that.

I guess my main beef with it is that it uses relatively cheap components (low res display, small LCD panel relative to the size of the controller, low res camera, etc.) in the interest of cost control. For all the early comparisons to a tablet by Nintendo pundits, it still looks more like a toy.

As for the name, I still have no idea what "U" stands for. Granted, the Wii remains about the worst name for a console ever, sales be damned, but I was perplexed when Nintendo came up with Wii U as the follow up name. The Wii was about we? And the Wii U is about we and you?

If they wanted to glom onto the Wii branding, I probably would have gone with the less creative Super Wii as an homage to the Super NES.