kupomogli said:
PeterSilenced said:


I have to disagree 13-2 is very underrated,13 was great just not FF great.

Haven't played FF13-2 other than the demo that I didn't really care for. 

Even if FF13-2 is some great game compared to the original which I thought was garbage, I'm not interested in it when half a good majority of it is DLC.  Even the games ending is DLC from what I've heard.


They should have called Final Fantasy 13 "Not Final Fantasy 13," because there's nothing final about it taking three games to get the whole story.

You will be surprised to know that the majority of it is not dlc altought it has alot of costumes that you can buy,the ending is not a dlc ,they have a dlc that adds a little more to the ending but in terms of story its not that relevant believe me you get the whole package by just buying 13-2.

It is also fair to say that 13-2 main villain and soundtrack are up to final fantasy standards.