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I am going to start this thread by saying that I liked the E3 video the first time I saw it but after all the hype I finally sat down to watch the video again... and I'm dissapointed.

My problem is the approach to combat that Square Enix is taking. They say the game is being done with Kingdom Hearts battle system on mind and that is what bugs me.

The first Kingdom Hearts actually had a nice yet simple combat system. You could attack use magic and summons in real time battles. As you leveled up you got more abilites which spiced up the attack command. Also in the first game magic was an important part of the gameplay! You even had a secret boss who requiered you to use most of your magic arsenal. And it had some difficult bosses too!

The problem was when the second game was released... Kingdom Hearts II had a similar battle system but it was waaaay more simple. The game had magic and summons but most of them where useless. The only spell you could use in the game that actually served some purpose was the cure spell. Most summons where useless too... Apart from all these things we had the Reaction Commands which I think are the worst part of the gameplay... They where context sensitive commands you could activate with the triangle button. They would stun a boss or take a good chunk of the bosses health. It was nice to use them and see sora do all those flashy actions but it was not adding to the gampelay. The game could be beaten with the X and triangle button.  It had no depth or substance, it was just flashy effects on my TV screen.

And that is where I see the next FF going... Flashy stuff on your screen, while you are permited to touch the buttons and see what happens. Kinda like Final Fantasy XIII. I lost all hope for Square...

But that is my opinon, what do you think of Final Fantasy XV?

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