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ListerOfSmeg said:
CGI-Quality said:
SunofKratos said:
PS4 Japan release date sep 9
New Yakuzas Ishin News Sep 9

So PS4 exclusive confirmed.

Of course it's a PS4 exclusive. Be silly to be any other way, since that where the fans will flock. The news I'm looking for is an update on Atlus, which will cause me to sell a kidney if Sony added them to their first party greatness!

It's be silly to go with an install base of 0 vs an already established console.. Probably a good thing you dont run a development company.

If it is PS4 exclusive dont expect it til 2015.


Oh I am curious how Yakuza sales are. It being Japan exclusive is meaningless because PS3 and PS4 wont be region locked so the games should be getting a great boost from US gamers importing it... If there is any truth to region locking beig bad that is. Ouch 500k for the last 3 games. I thought region free was going to benefit games like this but I see it was just a talking point after all



Yes that does sound silly, and yet most developers have chosen to develop for the next gen consoles that have an install base of 0 versus the one that's been out for a year. Silly developers, they know nothing.